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  1. A Wannabe!

    He's broadcasting his existence out of blue, maybe dark or little bit of bitter taste of what so ever left from the coffee cup!

    He's the new wanna be!

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  2. Light up

    Lighting it up.

    I hate it to be the enlighten of the age of stupidness, suffering day after another.

    Just tired of running in the way that goes to no where, it has been promissed that goes to nowhere, why keep running then? for no reason, really!

    It's like ...

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  3. The son of the future

    I wanted those that clouds were creating in my city's blue sky, still I want them. Call me, I'll come, even now, I'll be there in dark corners of disaster. Let's call it a date.

    Stop looking at me like that, what's wrong? why you ...

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